Monday, November 19, 2012

Inspiration: Ferguson Dewar

This image came up on my Tumblr feed a while ago. I was browsing through my Illustration tag recently and it came up again. I took a long look at it this time and fell in love with its simplicity and vibrancy. This is exactly how I wish I could draw - but I had no idea who the artist was. So after some serious internet hunting (and thanks to Tin Eye image search on Firefox), I found out the illustrator is named Ferguson Dewar.

And after I found his name, this was the only other, decent quality image I could find of his work. Considering he was an illustrator in the 1950s, no doubt this style was perhaps considered 'common' and maybe that's why I can't find more of his work. Still, I can't help but see that certain sparkle in it that I aim for with my own work.

Thank yar, Ferguson Dewar, wherever you are.